Adventures at The Antique House – Part 2

An apology…

Please forgive my tardiness in getting out Part 2 of Adventures at The Antique House.  I never intended this blog to be a discourse about my personal life, but one that encouraged, educated and entertained you with posts about vintage and handmade treasures along with a few other interesting tidbits.  I do feel somewhat compelled to offer a short explanation for my absence so I will just say that life-changing events happened at my house — not one, but two major surgeries both involving long and intense recovery times.  I think we are over the hump and moving forward now so it is without further adieu that I bring to you Adventures at The Antique House – Part 2!! Continue reading

Adventure at The Antique House – Part 1

The setting is Small Town, USA.  The main characters are Mr. and Mrs. W.  The plot begins with Mr. and Mrs. W selling their old house and moving to a new one.  Well, not really a new one, but new-to-them.  As it turns out, this house probably qualifies to be on the National Register of Historic Homes.  As it also turns out, the previous owners operated an antique store in the building.  Mr. and Mrs. W purchased the house WITH all of the antiques included.  And…as it also turns out, Mr. and Mrs. W are related to me. Continue reading