We’re On The Move!

It has been a very busy time for us at 2aEmporium.  We have been getting our product listings ready and migrating our blog posts so that everything is connected together on our own website — www.2aEmporium.com.
 Our blog — “Missives from The Mrs” — is “A blog about about life…everything from enjoying our vintage past to gratefully living in the present”.  We hope you enjoy reading our blog posts and will let us hear from you in the comment section.

To Be Continued…


You win some, you lose some and some get rained out.  I’m sure this saying should be attributed to a baseball great.  I wish I had the time to research it so I could give credit where credit is due.  But…I just dropped by quickly to let you know I’ve taken a short break.  Toward the end of March in the midst of preparing Adventures at The Antique House – Part 2, my sweet Hubby very suddenly began experiencing serious health issues.  He is now in the recovery stage of a very major surgery.  We are grateful and encouraged to have progressed this far.  Hopefully, I will be posting again in May so stay tuned.

An Interview with Mrs. A.

I’m a wife, mother and grandmother enjoying life in the Heartland of America.  I like sewing new treasures or re-purposing gently used fabrics, crocheting, photography, beautiful quilts and fun jewelry.  I also enjoy the hunt for a great vintage find and researching the story behind each piece.  I’m always looking for a better way to organize just about anything and everything.  And…revamping recipes to cook with food allergies is a must!

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