SunButter Cookie Recipe — Food Allergies Part 3

In my previous Food Allergy post, I mentioned that I use SunButter.  SunButter is made from sunflower seeds and can be used as a substitute for peanut butter and other nut butters.  In my house, peanuts and tree nuts are strictly avoided.   Continue reading

Staples In The Pantry — Food Allergies Part 2

Most people have some of the same staples in their pantry or kitchen as others do, right? Sugar, Flour, Eggs, Milk…and the list goes on.  That’s not necessarily so if you have food allergies.  I feel sure that my cabinets and fridge are filled with items quite different than yours.  Today’s post will highlight some great food choice alternatives (for me, at least) and the wonderful companies that strive to provide safe foods. Continue reading