We’re On The Move!

It has been a very busy time for us at 2aEmporium.  We have been getting our product listings ready and migrating our blog posts so that everything is connected together on our own website — www.2aEmporium.com.
 Our blog — “Missives from The Mrs” — is “A blog about about life…everything from enjoying our vintage past to gratefully living in the present”.  We hope you enjoy reading our blog posts and will let us hear from you in the comment section.

Adventures at The Antique House – Part 2

An apology…

Please forgive my tardiness in getting out Part 2 of Adventures at The Antique House.  I never intended this blog to be a discourse about my personal life, but one that encouraged, educated and entertained you with posts about vintage and handmade treasures along with a few other interesting tidbits.  I do feel somewhat compelled to offer a short explanation for my absence so I will just say that life-changing events happened at my house — not one, but two major surgeries both involving long and intense recovery times.  I think we are over the hump and moving forward now so it is without further adieu that I bring to you Adventures at The Antique House – Part 2!! Continue reading

To Be Continued…


You win some, you lose some and some get rained out.  I’m sure this saying should be attributed to a baseball great.  I wish I had the time to research it so I could give credit where credit is due.  But…I just dropped by quickly to let you know I’ve taken a short break.  Toward the end of March in the midst of preparing Adventures at The Antique House – Part 2, my sweet Hubby very suddenly began experiencing serious health issues.  He is now in the recovery stage of a very major surgery.  We are grateful and encouraged to have progressed this far.  Hopefully, I will be posting again in May so stay tuned.

Adventure at The Antique House – Part 1

The setting is Small Town, USA.  The main characters are Mr. and Mrs. W.  The plot begins with Mr. and Mrs. W selling their old house and moving to a new one.  Well, not really a new one, but new-to-them.  As it turns out, this house probably qualifies to be on the National Register of Historic Homes.  As it also turns out, the previous owners operated an antique store in the building.  Mr. and Mrs. W purchased the house WITH all of the antiques included.  And…as it also turns out, Mr. and Mrs. W are related to me. Continue reading

March Faves

For March Faves, I decided to choose a style of art that is recognized for having a “global visual language”.  Art Deco first appeared in the 1920’s, lost its popularity after World War II, and made a comeback in the 1960’s.  You might ask what are the true characteristics of an Art Deco piece? Continue reading

Vintage 1982

How old does something have to be to be considered Vintage?  I think most vintage sellers would agree that you have Vintage, then you have Antiques, and then you have Older Than Dirt.  For an item to be considered vintage on Etsy, it must be at least 20 years old.  So 1982 is most definitely Vintage! Continue reading

White Oak Manor – Part 2

In my last post, White Oak Manor – Part 1, I told you about the wonderful respite we found at a Bed and Breakfast in Jefferson, Texas.  I’ll continue the trip with a few memories of the lovely town of Jefferson.  Called by some a pedestrian community, Jefferson is located in East Texas about 44 miles west of Shreveport, Louisiana.  It’s population of almost 2100 swells each weekend as the city comes to life with antique shoppers and local events. Continue reading

White Oak Manor — Part 1

Was it the antiques?  Was it the Bed & Breakfast?  Perhaps it was the quaint, sleepy little town of Jefferson, Texas.  Or maybe, it was the much needed respite after a long and difficult struggle that comes after experiencing the death of a parent. Whatever it was, White Oak Manor in Jefferson, Texas, will always hold a special place in our hearts. Continue reading