Adventure at The Antique House – Part 1

The setting is Small Town, USA.  The main characters are Mr. and Mrs. W.  The plot begins with Mr. and Mrs. W selling their old house and moving to a new one.  Well, not really a new one, but new-to-them.  As it turns out, this house probably qualifies to be on the National Register of Historic Homes.  As it also turns out, the previous owners operated an antique store in the building.  Mr. and Mrs. W purchased the house WITH all of the antiques included.  And…as it also turns out, Mr. and Mrs. W are related to me.

This is where I enter the story.  The phone call between Mrs. W and me went something like this.  “You what?”  “With ALL the antiques included?”  “How soon can I come look at what you have?”  Mrs. W explained that each of the immediate family members were going to be given a dollar amount to redeem for goods at what was appropriately being called…The Antique House.  I didn’t need any more incentive than that.  Several days later, loaded down with bubble wrap, tape and anything else needed to wrap fragile items, I began my little adventure.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I arrived, but quickly found that I was on sensory overload.  One of the first things I saw was a Victrola.  Simply beautiful! I tried, but my photography just couldn’t capture the beauty of the sun from a nearby window reflecting through the blue, green and red glassware. The colors were so vibrant!  I turned to scan a shelf of antique clocks of all varieties.  And below that was a cabinet full of vintage Frankoma Pottery.  I made my way into the next room which was the kitchen, but it wasn’t lacking for vintage items.

Vintage Kitchen Items

The kitchen was complete with an Antique Hoosier Cabinet similar to this one.

Antique Hoosier Cabinet

From there I moved into the rest of the house.  Each room was filled to the brim. Display cabinets and shelving housed glassware.  Books, aprons and doilies were in another area.  Here are just a few of the pics I took of the rooms.

Depression Glassware

Vintage and Antique Treasures

Vintage and Antique Glassware

More Vintage and Antique Glassware

I “oohed and aahed” for about 3 hours before carefully wrapping my selections in bubble wrap and heading for home.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Adventures at The Antique House to see what I chose.

14 thoughts on “Adventure at The Antique House – Part 1

  1. Wait – WHAT?!?! Oh. My. Goodness. Mr. and Mrs. W purchased this home filled with antiques? That’s AMAZING! I have to ask – are Mr. and Mrs. W going to keep the house as an antique store? Or are they going to get rid of everything in order to live there? This is just an amazing story! The photos are fun to look at, and I can just imagine what it must be like to walk around inside this house. Wow! Can’t wait for Part 2 to see what you selected!

  2. Oh my….I don’t see how you could choose when there was so much to see and admire. Can’t wait to see what you got.

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