White Oak Manor – Part 2

In my last post, White Oak Manor – Part 1, I told you about the wonderful respite we found at a Bed and Breakfast in Jefferson, Texas.  I’ll continue the trip with a few memories of the lovely town of Jefferson.  Called by some a pedestrian community, Jefferson is located in East Texas about 44 miles west of Shreveport, Louisiana.  It’s population of almost 2100 swells each weekend as the city comes to life with antique shoppers and local events.

It could be that we found Jefferson such a sleepy little town on our first visit because we arrived early in the week and left before the weekend.  One of the first places we discovered was Big Cypress Antique Emporium.

Big Cypress Antique Emporium in Jefferson, Texas

As you can see, the shop was full of treasures and many of them vintage.  I don’t think what we found to purchase was a vintage print, but we had a place on our living room wall just waiting for it to be hung there.

“Love One Another” framed print purchased at Big Cypress Antique Emporium

Shopping always kicks your sweet tooth into high gear so you can imagine our delight when we spotted Jefferson Fudge Company.  When you walk in the store, you are greeted with the fudge counter…20 different flavors of fudge!!  Taste-testing the fudge is welcomed and taste we did.  In addition to fudge, the store provides an array of relishes and jellies as well as a variety of honey and syrup for their customers.  Don’t judge this book by its cover because inside those unassuming doors is a real treat!!

Jefferson Fudge Company in Jefferson, Texas

During our stay in Jefferson, we walked around the downtown area everyday…trying out new places to eat and just seeing the sights of this historic community.  Without question, our favorite place was The Jefferson General Store.

Jefferson General Store in Jefferson, Texas

It was so quaint inside complete with an old-time soda fountain where we thoroughly enjoyed an old-fashioned ice cream shake.

Old-Time Soda Fountain at Jefferson General Store

Of course, there were the normal tourist items like t-shirts and trinkets, but there was so much more.  It was the atmosphere and the wonderful people.  It was the wood floors, the ceiling fans, the pickle barrel and the barrels of candy.  It reminded us of simpler times when life wasn’t so complicated.  It was part of the respite we needed.

Barrels of Candy at Jefferson General Store

As we walked around the store, my attention was turned to the jars of Chow Chow lined up in a row.  All of the varieties ready for sampling on crackers.  Chow Chow is kind of a family thing for me.  After tasting several of them, we had a winner!!

And this, my friends, is what we still order from Jefferson General Store…and we order it by the case!!

The Winner of our Chow Chow Tasting Contest

I hope you enjoyed our trip to Jefferson, Texas and our stay at White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast.


Photo Acknowledgement:  A few of the photos are mine.  Others are from the Big Cyprus Antique Emporium, Jefferson Fudge Company and Jefferson General Store websites.





6 thoughts on “White Oak Manor – Part 2

  1. Mrs A I have really enjoyed reading all about your trip to Jefferson and your stay at White Oak Manor! I would go there tomorrow if it wasn’t on the other side of the world LOL
    It sounds exactly like something I would love to do! I have only one question – what is Chow Chow??!!


    • Chow Chow is similar to a pickle relish, but it’s made with a combination of various vegetables. Like pickle relishes, Chow Chow can be more on the sweet side or have more of a vinegar taste. The one we chose as the winner has cabbage, onions, carrots and peppers for the vegetables. Of course, other seasonings, sugar and vinegar are part of the recipe, too.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for commenting.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Patricia. If that road trip ever takes you to East Texas, you’ll know where to spend some time.

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