A Family Tradition

My mother and both of my grandmothers were accomplished seamstresses. I think they were re-purposing and up-cycling in their day more out of necessity than a choice of style. Hems were let out of dresses just so you could wear them a little longer and seams were taken up so that hand-me-downs fit a little better.  Patchwork quilts were made out of cut-up pieces of trousers that could no longer serve their intended purpose.  Generations of fabric, zippers, rick rack and buttons were collected because you just never knew what you might need for a project. Continue reading

The One That Got Away

It was just another day of garage sales and estate sales when Mrs. B. spotted two beautiful quilt tops.  Being a quilter herself and seeing the value of these delicately hand-pieced works of art, Mrs. B. quickly decided to purchase them.  Have you ever wondered about the story behind a quilt?  Whose hands put these pieces together?  What did they intend to do with the quilt top once it was finished?  Why did they choose this pattern or these colors?  Every quilt has a story and this quilt top was just waiting for someone to complete its story. Continue reading